Focus on the USER 

EURODSP is an agency with its own technology for the perfect Advertising in over 45 European countries, especially in the MENA Region. We have emerged from the vision of creating an European network and minimizing the spread losses by using our innovative pretargeting technology and research measures. As a trading agency, we can directly deliver your campaigns without intermediaries. Thanks to our intelligent advertising technology, large network of websites, customer-specific solutions and existing partnerships with leading data providers, we take over your online marketing and help fine tune it to reach your KPIs. We value your goals and your results.

Together we target the RIGHT USER, at the RIGHT TIME, at the RIGHT POSITION with the RIGHT ADVERTISING.


72 Mio +

unique User in DACH countries

45+ Countries

Reach in Europe


Search queries are special touchpoints in the Customer Journey of your customer. We’ll pick up these keords and get in touch with the user during this phase, even before they’ve come in contact with your product. In close cooperation with you, we will create various keywordclouds and play the advertising when the user profiles (search terms) match the target group and act as an extended arm to your SEM campaigns.


Search Power Audience Targeting

  • The user searches for an electric car

  • The user enters various keywords for the search. Example: “Electro Coupe”t”

  • If the search terms match our keyword cloud, the user is marked.

  • The user checks later his emails and is identified by previous search terms

  • the potential customer will be targeted with the appropriate banners.

Search Power Audience

by Eurodsp


Statistically, about 2% of the visitors convert on the first visit. We mark the remaining 98% of the potential customers and bring them back to your shop. With our cookie-based technology, we address the user to a very high reach of over 45 countries, to convert the user to a customer. Dynamic Banners can also be used depending on client agreement.

For websites with a very high reach, we optimize delivery, prioritized according to the highest performance. For example, we only engage with users who visited your site in the last 2 days or who visited your shop twice without any conversion.

Inverse Retargeting: As an additional targeting option, we can include a pixel on your page and only address the users who have not visited your site in the last 30 days. With this type of delivery we only address new customers and supplement delivery with valuable keywords, data and environments. The new customers on the site will then increase the cookie pool for the retargeting campaign to achieve a performance boost.


The art is to minimize the spread loss in pretargeting to build the audience for retargeting. We only work with premium partners (pages, data, brand safety, SEO tools) and use a certified ad server and a self made technology.

Multi Device Targeting

  • Desktop

  • Mobile & Tablet

  • Connected TV

  • Banner, Video, GPRS Tracking


Do you want to start a campaign or are you interested in a data or publishing partnership? 


We are happy to provide you with a tailor-made campaign strategy according to your needs and objectives. We look forward to your inquiry.


Sales & Consulting



Monetize your inventory (cross device) via our Open technology interface. If you are planning to offer your inventory programmatically, please contact us regarding private deals.




We are always looking for further data providers and partners. The data can be made accessible to our campaigns via DSP interface or via pixel integration. Together we achieve more.

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