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Amazon rewards: focus on the Buy Box

A second coveted distinction is the Buy Box because it is responsible for 82% of sales (Lanxner, 2021). But what is the Buy Box? It is actually the yellow “Add to Cart” button located on the right side of a product page. On the mobile format, it is also represented by the “Buy in 1 click” button. This is a key step in the conversion funnel.  

Although this button seems to appear on a majority of items, many sellers on the marketplace do not have access to it. Indeed, it is Amazon that decides which sellers will be able to take advantage of the Buy Box and many criteria are taken into account, not only the products sold at the Buy Box.

The Buy Box is also based on the measurements of the A9 algorithm

Just like the Best Seller badge, access to the Buy Box is the result of Amazon’s algorithm. Combining the previously mentioned metrics, as well as seller seniority, product availability, refund rate, etc., the algorithm determines who, of all the sellers offering the same product, offers the best combination of low price and service. The best offer is then associated with the “Add to Cart” button, while the other sellers appear in an inconspicuous list, mixed with other merchants with only price and delivery as differentiating criteria. 

Sellers who have won the Buy Box can make up to 4 times more sales and increase their numbers by 10 times on the product in question on Amazon (Lanxner, 2021). 

How to benefit from the Buy Box

As mentioned earlier, Amazon and its algorithm use very specific criteria to award this distinction. We have listed below a few ways to improve your chances of having the Buy Box associated with your products. 

The first condition is the use of a professional account. Indeed, only sellers with a professional account on Amazon are eligible for the Buy Box. 

Then, it is necessary to have seniority on Amazon (at least 3 to 6 months) in order to reach a POP rate (Perfect Order Percentage) of at least 95% to be eligible for the Buy Box. By POP rate, we mean the number of perfect orders divided by the total number of orders over the last 90 days, this rate is also available on your Amazon Seller Central account. 

But how to achieve a perfect order? There are several points to consider: 

  1. Offer new and eligible products
  2. Synchronize your stock with Amazon’s
  3. Adjust the pricing strategy to ensure the best margin
  4. Follow the logistics and the stocks with at least 97% of the delivery times respected, a delivery time of fewer than 14 days, an order cancellation rate of less than 2.5%, a delay rate on the shipment of less than 4%, and the availability of an order tracking of 95% minimum. Note that the two options, free shipping and selling with Amazon Prime can help sellers stand out to Amazon shoppers. 
  5. Join the Fulfillment by Amazon program
  6. Satisfy customers with less than 10% customer response time beyond 24 hours and good product reviews

By focusing on these different criteria, your chances of qualifying for the “Buy Box” should increase significantly.


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