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Targeted customer acquisition in the business environment thanks to personalised messages, automation and data analysis.

Target potential B2B customers

What does Programmatic B2B Marketing mean?

Programmatic B2B marketing refers to the use of automated technologies and data analytics to plan, execute and optimise B2B marketing campaigns. Similar to programmatic advertising, this uses data to precisely target groups and deliver personalised messages. This enables the automation of processes such as ad placement, bid optimisation and target group selection.

In the B2B context, Programmatic Marketing aims to increase the relevance of messages in the business world, refine marketing campaigns and increase the efficiency of resource use. This includes channels such as display advertising, social media and more to target business customers and build relationships.

Targeting through innovative technologies

EURODSP’s approach starts with the use of state-of-the-art targeting technologies. Through these tools, we can identify and precisely target a specific audience. Based on demographics, industries, interests and behaviours, we develop highly personalised advertising campaigns that take your message directly to the most relevant business decision makers.

Hyperlocal advertising measures at the workplace of the target group

We know how important it is to reach your target group exactly where they are active. With hyperlocal advertising measures, we can place your ads specifically at the workplace of your potential customers. We increase the visibility and relevance of your message by bringing your brand directly into the focus of decision-makers in relevant companies.

Combining corporate data with social media

The secret of our success in B2B marketing also lies in the intelligent combination of company data with data from business social media platforms such as XING, LinkedIn and YouTube. By analysing the behaviour and interests of your target group on these platforms, we can further optimise our advertising measures and place your ads where your potential customers are actively looking for solutions.

B2B data at company level

Our account-based marketing approach is based on comprehensive B2B data at the corporate level. By using high-quality data sources, we can gain detailed insights into the company structure, hierarchical levels and the needs of your potential customers. This information allows us to develop tailored content and target your advertising campaigns.

B2B target group = people

Even if in B2B marketing companies or people at the workplace are to be addressed, this target group is also people. Since 2020, many people have been working more in home offices and spending less time in the office. As a result, the boundaries between private and professional spheres have shifted considerably or become increasingly blurred. It is important to us that B2B marketing also communicates meaningful content that should reach and appeal to people.

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