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Programmatic Marketing

Programmatic B2B Marketing

Target potential enterprise customers. Programmatic B2B marketing uses automated technologies and data analytics to plan, execute and optimize B2B marketing campaigns.

Connected & Addressable TV

Address your target groups specifically and effectively via the TV screen. Addressable TV enables personalized ad delivery based on information about demographics, behavior, and interests.

(Digital) Out of Home

Get your brand visibility on digital billboards in train stations, shopping malls, airports, buses or trains. We offer access to the DOOH inventory of the two largest German marketers.

Radio & Podcast

The ideal channels to create and transport emotions. Radio advertising has a wide reach. Advertising in podcasts reaches an exceptionally loyal audience and specific target groups.

Amazon Ads

Today, more than 54% of internet searches start on Amazon. The platform has become an indispensable channel for any brand that wants to promote its products and sell them over the Internet.

Programmatic Cinema

As a rule, cinema-goers are looking forward to the film and are in a correspondingly positive mood. Use this positive mood to communicate your message impressively.

Programmatic Print

In the past, advertisements in print media required a long lead time and contacts with a wide variety of publishers. The future of print advertising has begun with Programmatic Print. Book ads across publishers and (almost) in real time.

Native Ads

We seamlessly integrate your advertising messages into the natural content of a wide range of channels and platforms. With a natural user experience and authentic approach, we build trust for your brand.

Social Media Advertising

Facebook Ads

With nearly 3 billion daily active users, Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform. It offers extensive targeting options and diverse ad formats.

Instagram Ads

The more than one billion primarily younger users are very engaged. The platform, which is also particularly popular with influencers, is especially interesting for visual content and can be integrated with Facebook Ads.

TikTok Ads

The rapidly growing platform now has more than one billion daily active users. TikTok is known for its short-format, creative videos. The flourishing influencer community offers companies the opportunity to present appealing and entertaining advertising content.

LinkedIn Ads

The world’s largest professional network has almost 800 million active users. It offers extensive targeting options and is particularly suitable for companies that want to target their ads to specific occupational groups, industries or companies.


The largest professional network in the German-speaking world has over 19 million members. XING advertising enables companies to address a qualified and professionally oriented target group and increase their brand awareness in German-speaking countries.

Snapchat Ads

The young and active user base is over 500 million. The creative and interactive ad formats enable companies to tell a unique story and connect emotionally with users to build brand awareness and drive brand loyalty.

Pinterest Ads

With its visual focus and large user base (over 400 million), Pinterest offers a unique opportunity to showcase inspiring content and products that can increase users’ propensity to buy. Advertisers can target an active and ready-to-buy audience that is open to new ideas and products.

YouTube Ads

With over 2 billion users, YouTube is the world’s largest video platform and offers a broad reach as well as the possibility to reach different target groups with audiovisual content. The detailed targeting options allow for targeted ad placement.

Search Marketing

Google Ads

Approximately 30% of all website views begin with a Google search. Use this traffic to present your advertising messages to the right target group. We help you with the creation, optimization and analysis of Google Ads.

Amazon Search

The visibility of your products on Amazon is an important building block for success as an online retailer. Our Amazon Search expertise helps your products to be found better in the generic search results on Amazon.

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