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Print Marketing

The future of print advertising has begun.

Book print ads across publishers and almost in real time.

Innovative ad management for print advertising

The future of print advertising has begun and is called Programmatic Print. Our service allows you to book ad placements in leading German publishers programmatically. The booking process is automated, which saves time and effort. Thanks to our comprehensive publishing partnership, you have access to a diverse inventory of trade journals for different target groups. Use precise targeting by location and weather to deliver relevant ads. Reach your target audience in near real-time and overcome the previous limitations of long lead times. Programmatic Print with EURODSP simplifies ad booking across publishers and offers impressive overall reach.

Digital transformation in print advertising

The digital age has now also arrived in print advertising. Programmatic Print revolutionises the ad booking process. No more elaborate paperwork – everything is automated and efficient. Our extensive network includes renowned publishers with a wide range of trade journals for different target groups. You can place your ads and target them specifically by location and weather. The best thing about it: you can place ads almost in real time, which makes the previously long lead times superfluous. For example, you can react to weather events at short notice. The ability to book across publishers in one process allows you to achieve a wide overall reach and maximise the success of your print advertising.

Place ads with pinpoint accuracy

Reach your target group with the highest precision. Our service provides access to the most relevant publishers in Germany with a wide range of journals for different interests and target groups. Use precise targeting by location and weather to deliver ads exactly when they are most effective. Whether it’s a local promotion or a nationwide campaign – Programmatic Print allows you to place ads in a targeted manner and gain maximum attention. Reach the right readers at the right time and increase the success of your print advertising.

Display (almost) in real time

Long lead times for print advertising are now a thing of the past. With Programmatic Print you can place ads almost in real time. This means that you can react more quickly to current events, trends or market changes. Our automated platform allows you to create ads with ease and place them instantly. Whether short-term promotions or seasonal offers – you have the flexibility to quickly adapt and play out ads. Use the speed of Programmatic Print to deliver your message exactly when it is most effective.

Cross-publishing potential: Maximum reach

Increase the reach of your print advertising across publishing house borders. With Programmatic Print you can book ads across all publishers in one process. This means you can reach a wide range of publishers in a single booking to get your message out. This diversity of publishers allows you to address different target groups and achieve an impressive overall reach. Discover the potential of Programmatic Print to expand your audience and take your print advertising to a new level.

Programmatic Print with EURODSP

We take over the complete handling of your programmatic print ads

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