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Address­able TV

Place your brand on TV, even without a TV spot.
Expand your net contacts with a targeted approach to your target group.

Addressable TV combines the best of the two worlds of TV and online.

Maximum reach of your content

Addressable TV is an emerging technology in the field of Programmatic Marketing. It enables advertisers to target their audiences specifically and effectively via the TV screen. Unlike traditional TV advertising campaigns where viewers are exposed to broadly distributed advertising messages, Addressable TV with EURODSP enables personalised delivery of advertising based on demographic characteristics, behavioural data and interests.

How does Addressable TV work?

Addressable TV works by linking TV household data with digital data profiles. This enables precise identification of the target group and the broadcast of customised advertising messages to the corresponding TV sets. Advertisers can optimise their campaigns and use their advertising spend more efficiently by delivering their ads only to relevant target groups.

More attention and acceptance thanks to relevant content

Addressable TV also offers advantages for viewers. Instead of being bombarded with irrelevant ads, they receive personalised advertising content that better matches their interests. This can lead to a more positive user experience and increase the acceptance of advertising overall.

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More efficacy through detailed analysis data

By combining Programmatic Marketing and Addressable TV, advertisers gain access to detailed campaign performance data and can optimise their ads in real time. They can measure audience engagement, track conversions and analyse the effectiveness of their advertising.

The right strategy
for your target project

Addressable TV makes the effectiveness of TV advertising measurable.

Advantages of a programmatic
Addressable TV campaign

TV advertising without a TV spot with maximum effectiveness.

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