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Xing Ads

Reach millions of qualified professional contacts.

On XING you can reach professionals and decision-makers in companies.

Professional target group approach

Use the power of XING Ads with EURODSP to present your company to a professional target group. Our targeted ad campaigns rely on XING’s professional information to target your services and offers to business professionals and subject matter experts. Through precise targeting by industry, job title and company size, we ensure that your ads reach the right recipients. Use XING Ads to expand your professional network, promote business collaborations and generate qualified leads.

Business networking: targeted interactions

Get in touch with decision-makers and experts on XING. Our XING Ads use the platform’s extensive professional information to send your ads specifically to relevant target groups. With precise targeting by professions, company sizes and professional interests, we ensure that your ads appear in the feeds of your relevant target groups. Use the possibilities of XING to make professional contacts, promote your business and be present in a business environment.

XING Sponsored Posts: Share expertise, arouse interest

Share your expertise with XING Sponsored Posts. Our campaigns use relevant content to engage your target audience and establish your brand as an expert. With targeted targeting, we can ensure that your content is presented to the right users, based on professional interests and positions. Increase engagement and drive interest with premium content that adds real value. Use XING Sponsored Posts to target professionals, build trust and reach your target audience in an informative way.

XING Ads: Win professional leads

Successful B2B lead generation on XING. With XING Ads, you can address your target group directly on the platform and gain qualified leads. We create engaging ads that pique the interest of your target audience and get them to interact. Use XING Ads to target business people and generate high-quality leads that provide your sales department with valuable contacts.

Data-driven results: Optimisation of your XING Ads

We monitor the success of your XING Ads for you with precise analyses. Our campaigns use advanced data analytics to measure and continuously optimise the performance of your ads. We provide insights into metrics such as click-through rate, conversion rate and more to maximise the ROI of your ad spend. Through continuous adjustments, we ensure that your XING Ads campaigns achieve optimal results and reach your business goals. Use data to refine your strategy and achieve measurable success.

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