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Instagram Ads

Creative advertising for a committed target group.

Instagram Ads offer a very high reach, precise targeting and the possibility of storytelling.

Set the scene for your brand

Reach your target group in a visual world. With Instagram Ads, you can present your brand on the popular social media platform and inspire users with appealing images and videos. Our Instagram Ads campaigns use creative storytelling to make an emotional connection with your potential customers. Through specific targeting, we can direct your ads to exactly the right audience for maximum impact. Use the visual power of Instagram to strengthen your brand, drive engagement and increase sales.

Precise thanks to targeting

Let your ads hit the bull’s eye on Instagram with pinpoint accuracy. At EURODSP, our experienced marketers use advanced targeting technologies to tailor your Instagram ads to your target audience. Demographic characteristics, interests and behaviour allow us to ensure that your ads are only presented to users who are genuinely interested in your products or services. Use the precision of Instagram Ads to make efficient use of your marketing spend and achieve demonstrable results.

Use the power of storytelling

Tell your story on Instagram. Our creative Instagram Ads use the visual direction of the platform to get your message across in an inspiring and fun way. From high-quality images to captivating video ads, we can showcase your brand and capture user interest. Our talented designers and copywriters develop bespoke ads that capture the essence of your brand and leave a lasting impact. Give your Instagram presence a creative touch and inspire your target group with our innovative ads.

Instagram Shopping Ads: Direct from feed to purchase

Easy and convenient shopping on Instagram. With Instagram Shopping Ads, you can present your products directly in users’ feeds and entice them directly to buy. With user-friendly “Tap to View Products” and “Tap to Shop” features, potential customers can effortlessly browse your product range and make purchases without leaving the platform. Increase your conversion rate and leverage the Instagram community’s willingness to buy to boost your sales.

Instagram Stories Ads: Seize the Moment

People love stories – be present in the story format. With Instagram Stories Ads, you can advertise in one of the platform’s most popular formats and reach your target audience right in the moment. Our dynamic story ads allow you to share creative content that drives engagement and encourages users to interact. With swipe-up links you can increase your website visits and achieve conversions. Use the power of Instagram Stories to anchor your brand in the minds of your target group and build a lasting bond.

Special features of
Instagram Ads

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