Whether on Amazon, on TV, on the radio, in podcasts, Out Of Home  or in the Cinema:  Benefit from our expertise in Programmatic Marketing.

Answers to frequently asked questions on the topic of Programmatic Marketing

Programmatic marketing refers to the use of automated technologies and algorithms to efficiently manage advertising campaigns. It is a data-driven approach that enables real-time buying, placement and optimisation of digital advertising.

In Programmatic Marketing, advertising space is bought and sold in real time via automated auction processes. It is based on the use of algorithms and artificial intelligence to identify target groups, select the best inventory and place bids based on the value of a particular ad to the advertiser.

A Programmatic Platform is an automated technology that enables the purchase, placement and optimisation of digital advertising in real time. It offers functions for target group segmentation, bidding and ad delivery on various channels such as display, video and social media.

In Programmatic Marketing, auctions take place in real time. When an ad space becomes available, different advertisers place bids to buy the ad. The auction platform takes into account factors such as the bid, the relevance of the ad and the target group characteristics to determine the winner of the auction, whose ad is then delivered.

Programmatic marketing also brings challenges, such as transparency of ad placements, protection against fraud (ad fraud) and compliance with data protection regulations. Nevertheless, Programmatic Marketing has become an important part of many digital advertising strategies as it offers the opportunity to communicate with potential customers in a targeted and effective way.

Data plays a central role in Programmatic Marketing. They enable precise target group segmentation, understanding of user behaviour and personalisation of advertising messages. By analysing data, advertisers can make informed decisions and optimise their campaigns in real time to achieve better results.

Programmatic marketing can be beneficial for various players in the digital advertising ecosystem. Advertisers can benefit from precise targeting, increased efficiency and better results. Publishers and media companies can better monetise their advertising space.

Programmatic Marketing
Our areas of competence

Programmatic B2B Marketing

Target potential enterprise customers. Programmatic B2B marketing uses automated technologies and data analytics to plan, execute and optimize B2B marketing campaigns.

Connected & Addressable TV

Address your target groups specifically and effectively via the TV screen. Addressable TV enables personalized ad delivery based on information about demographics, behavior, and interests.

(Digital) Out of Home

Get your brand visibility on digital billboards in train stations, shopping malls, airports, buses or trains. We offer access to the DOOH inventory of the two largest German marketers.

Radio & Podcast

The ideal channels to create and transport emotions. Radio advertising has a wide reach. Advertising in podcasts reaches an exceptionally loyal audience and specific target groups.

Amazon Ads

Today, more than 54% of internet searches start on Amazon. The platform has become an indispensable channel for any brand that wants to promote its products and sell them over the Internet.

Programmatic Cinema

As a rule, cinema-goers are looking forward to the film and are in a correspondingly positive mood. Use this positive mood to communicate your message impressively.

Programmatic Print

In the past, advertisements in print media required a long lead time and contacts with a wide variety of publishers. The future of print advertising has begun with Programmatic Print. Book ads across publishers and (almost) in real time.

Native Ads

We seamlessly integrate your advertising messages into the natural content of a wide range of channels and platforms. With a natural user experience and authentic approach, we build trust for your brand.

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