Program­matic Cinema Advertising

Targeted advertising in an impressive environment.

Advertising in the cinema means: high reach and attention.

Your message as part of a positive experience

As a rule, cinema-goers are looking forward to the film and are in a correspondingly positive mood. Use this positive mood to communicate your message impressively. The technology for image and sound enables impressive spots that remain in the memory.

Geographical, demographic, topic-specific

A cinema is always in the same place. So with EURODSP Programmatic Cinema Advertising, you know exactly where your message is being communicated. In combination with the targeted playout of your spot in exactly those films that your target group is likely to watch, Programmatic Cinema Advertising enables highly targeted and therefore effective advertising.

Experience-oriented approach

In the cinema, viewers are impressed by the big screen and the surround sound experience. Programmatic cinema marketing can use this emotional experience to create a strong connection with your brand and reinforce brand image. Interaction options such as QR codes can additionally increase engagement and promote interaction with your brand.

Exclusivity and attention

Cinema advertising offers an exclusive environment and high audience attention. Because the audience in the cinema is focused on the screen, ads have less distraction and can have a strong emotional impact.

We are happy to develop an individual cinema strategy that fits your brand and your target group exactly.

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