Out of Home

We create visibility for your brand on digital billboards in train stations, shopping centres, airports, buses or trains.

We offer access to the DOOH inventory of the two largest German marketers.

What does Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) mean?

Digital Out of Home (DOOH) refers to the use of digital technologies to display advertising content outside the home (= in public spaces). DOOH includes digital advertising displays and screens installed in public areas such as streets, shopping centres, airports, train stations and other public transport.

These digital displays can show both static and dynamic content in the form of images, videos or interactive elements. DOOH enables dynamic and targeted advertising with flexible content customisation, real-time updates and precise location selection. Thus, DOOH with EURODSP offers an effective way to reach target groups outside of the home TV or online space.

Strengths of Digital Out Of Home (DOOH)

One of the main advantages of DOOH is the high flexibility in ad rotation. While traditional billboards and posters display a fixed message over a long period of time, digital screens can change their content within seconds. This allows advertisers to adapt their messages depending on the time of day, day of the week or current events. For example, a café could update its DOOH advertising in the morning for coffee and in the afternoon for cool drinks or cakes.

The integration of data analytics into DOOH is also a growing trend. By collecting data such as the number of people passing by or the time spent in front of a screen, advertisers can refine their strategies and make their ads more effective.

Possible locations for DOOH screens

Advantages of a programmatic DOOH campaign

DOOH package offers

Maximum effectiveness through the combination of appropriate advertising technologies.

DOOH in the marketing package

We are also happy to offer you Digital Out Of Home as part of an intelligent marketing package to further increase effectiveness. To do this, we analyse the specific framework conditions and put together a suitable package for your brand.

For example, we can digitally extend a DOOH campaign at the airport with mobile ads by addressing all airport visitors via hyper local targeting on all mobile devices, thus bringing your brand back into focus.

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