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Amazon Ads

Exploit the potential of the most important e-commerce platform. Increase your sales with our Amazon Ads expertise.

More than 54% of searches on the internet start on Amazon

The most important channel for sellers

Today, more than 54% of internet searches start on Amazon. The channel has become indispensable for any brand that wants to promote its products. Unlike most other channels, ads can lead to 1-click conversions. We help you maximise your sales on Amazon. As an expert in e-commerce advertising, EURODSP enables you to use all advertising formats on Amazon!

Amazon Ads: adapted to your goals

Sponsored products are a search ecosystem to master. Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands target users based on their search on Amazon. This is keyword targeting: when someone searches for a specific product, category or brand, an ad is displayed on the first search page.

Differences and similarities between sponsored product and sponsored brand

Both solutions use keyword targeting as well as product targeting. The difference lies in the format of the advertisements and their objective. While sponsored products are useful to promote products on a case-by-case basis, sponsored brands are more focused on increasing brand visibility (brand awareness).

This distinction is reflected in the format used. While sponsored brands highlight three products in the same category, sponsored products promote a single product at a time. It should be noted that sponsored brands also allow the use of a video format. This enables storytelling by presenting a visual description and explanatory tutorials to interested parties.

Use Sponsored Display to attract users to your Amazon shop

Sponsored Display allows you to display banner ads on and off Amazon. The format is similar to a classic banner, but always with the idea of putting the product in the foreground.

It is therefore possible to promote products on and off Amazon. On Amazon, thanks to Amazon data, this allows targeting not only based on keywords and products, but also on user behaviour. Outside of Amazon, users are targeted on the basis of first-party data by displaying banners on partner websites. Display ads allow for greater distribution with a much wider reach.

Our methodology to increase your ROAS
(Return On Advertising Spend)

Thanks to our expertise in retail media, we can work together to create a personalised strategy (defensive or offensive) that will help you achieve both your short-term and long-term goals on Amazon.

With our upstream research and product knowledge for keyword and product targeting, we can get the best out of your products. Regardless of whether they are strong categories or emerging products.

At EURODSP, the Amazon advertising strategy is part of a marketing mix: we use the possibilities of Amazon to expand our knowledge about prospects and enrich our multi-channel campaigns with qualified data.

If you want to go even further, we also support you in the further development of your online shop: Improving the brand image, providing information about your products in the right language, with content and upgrading the Amazon shop.

So don’t wait any longer, join us to run successful Amazon campaigns with a ROAS 2 to 3 times higher than on other platforms!

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