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Video didn't kill the radio star

Radio advertising is alive and well. We combine it with podcast advertising and use our European know-how and network for your success.

Radio & podcast are powerful advertising channels to create and convey emotions.

Why radio advertising?

Radio advertising has been a proven and effective way of advertising for decades, using audio content to reach people. By playing commercials and messages over radio stations, you can raise awareness of your brand, provide information about your products, and engage potential customers.

Radio advertising with EURODSP has a wide reach and can reach specific target groups. Among other things, the selection of stations is crucial. These should match the preferences and habits of your target audience. People listen to the radio mainly while commuting, at work or at home, i.e. in everyday life. Radio advertising uses music and voices to convey emotions. It can be an important part of the promotional strategy for your business.

Why advertising in podcasts?

Podcast advertising a unique way to reach a highly engaged audience and build a lasting connection with potential customers. It has become much more important in recent years and is a useful addition to the advertising strategies of many companies. Podcasts make it possible to target specific audiences because listeners often have specific interests and choose podcasts on their favorite topics. By placing promotional messages within relevant podcasts, you can effectively reach your target audience.

Podcast listeners:are often highly engaged in the content and have a positive attitude toward the hosts and sponsors. This increases the advertising impact. In addition, podcast advertising allows for authentic and personal communication, as it is often presented in the form of host-read ads, where hosts convey the advertising messages in their own words. This creates trust and credibility among listeners.

Online and offline as a strong team

A holistic advertising strategy that combines offline and online channels often holds great potential for success. Use the emotions conveyed in audio formats to drive sales. An obvious form is radio advertising for an online store.

Another popular – and now proven – method is, for example, promo codes that give podcast listeners exclusive discounts in your online store and are communicated by the podcaster. This way, you not only create a positive association with your brand, but also complete measurability of success.

We are happy to develop an individual strategy that fits your brand and your target group exactly and is played out via the appropriate channels.

Radio & Podcasts: Benefit from exclusive deals

Through our network, you have access to the best media networks and companies throughout Europe. Through years of experience, we have built a broad network of publishers and media groups as well as distribution channels. So we can negotiate unbeatable deals for your commercial on radio or podcasts for your brand and company.

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