How to sell on the Amazon marketplace? – Conclusion

Combine organic and paid search for an optimal strategy

Organic and paid search go hand in hand with Amazon. Focusing on organic search alone will limit your growth and revenue, just as focusing on Amazon ads alone will cause you to miss out on potential customers who don’t care about sponsored ads, or generate more traffic to your Amazon store but fail to convert your audience.

Moreover, although SEO is considered free, it has a hidden cost: to be ranked naturally in the first results requires an optimization of the product files and therefore a significant investment in terms of time (and money). And on the other hand, paid search helps to boost the visibility of your products, increase your sales, and therefore, ultimately, contributes to a better natural ranking of your items and to obtain the badges Amazon’s Choice, Best Seller, and Buy Box.  

Become a Vendor on Amazon

After having applied and implemented our various tips presented in this article and our white paper, you could be invited to become a Vendor by the American giant. Indeed, when Amazon notices that a merchant’s brand generates traffic, that he regularly achieves a high volume of sales, and that the products are well-rated, there is a good chance that they will contact the seller to become a vendor. The difference between a Vendor and a Seller on Amazon is that a vendor sells their products to Amazon who then resells them. This means that you are no longer a third-party seller but a direct supplier to Amazon: your potential buyers will have more confidence in the value of your product. Moreover, as a vendor, you only have to take care of the sale and delivery to Amazon.

EURODSP, Retail Media Experts on Amazon

As experts in Amazon Retail Media, we can build a customized strategy to help you achieve your goals on Amazon in the short and long term. With our knowledge of the platform and targeting, we can get the most out of your products, whether it’s in strong categories or emerging ones.

If you want to go further, we help our clients in the advancement of their online store: improving your brand image, providing information about your products, in the right language, and enhancing the Amazon shop.

So don’t wait any longer, contact us to carry out Amazon campaigns with a ROAS 2 to 3 times higher than on other platforms. 


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